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Monday, February 21, 2011

Not how I pictured today!

Today was supposed to be a day filled with celebrating a little bow turning 4! Instead of gathering with out friends and family we are holed up inside the house! Last night at about 10:30 a panicked cry came from my little boys room, he had thrown up in bed, this continued until 230 in the morning. At about midnight I sent an email postponing the party! My poor little boy broke my heart, especially this morning when he weakly asked about his party.

Now through all of the yuckiness, inside I was beaming with pride! Why you ask? Well a good part of what I was dealing with through my PPD/A was a fear of dealing with the kids when they had a stomach bug, so much so that I was making myself sick on an almost daily basis! But last night? Last night I dealt with my sick boy all on my own! I cleaned him up and reassured him that he would be ok, knowing that he would and I would be too!


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