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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diapers, Diapers Everywhere!

When J was born we made the decision to use disposable diapers. We liked the convenience of them but soon after Josh was born he developed a very persistent rash which we ended up having to treat multiple times with an antibiotic cream that the doctor prescribed.

I suggested to the husband that we switch the cloth diapers, he was and is so against it, remembering the "old" days of folding, pins and bulky covers. I tried to explain to him the many options that are now available, such as BumGenius 3.0, AppleCheeks, FuzziBunz, etc. and even recently showed him new designs like the gDiapers and the Flip, too which he still turned up his nose.

Now that J is potty trained we don't have the rash issue anymore, but now A is in diapers and, while not as bad, she still has a similar rash to what J had.

To add to the rash issue, every week when we throw away such a huge amount of diapers that I really worry about the environmental impact of them all.

Oh how I wish I could show him the difference between cloth and disposables, and I sure he would make the switch but he is so stubborn. Urgh.

No real point to this post other than to whine that I wish we were using cloth. :(

Drum Roll please...

The winner of my favourite sippy cup, The Nuby No Spill Cup, as selected by is number 3, Smooshie! Congratulations! Please send me an email at with you address so I can pop that in the mail for you!

Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you for reading my blog!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Melting!!

With my return to work rapidly approaching, and my sweet baby girl not accepting a bottle I decided we needed to try something different. So today and headed out to the store and came home with and Adiri bottle in hopes that she would like it. I decided to choose the bottle intended for 3-6 months old because it offered the medium flow nipple and I don't want her to get used to the fast flow of the next bottle.

I cleaned and sterilized the bottle and headed up to the Master Suite, with my trusty breast pump and pumped some milk for the weeist one. I was shocked as I managed to get 6 ozs, typically I would get about 3-4 ounces and I was lucky if she would take it all from the bottle.

I filled the bottle and sent the husband upstairs with bottle and baby for him to try putting her to bed with the bottle.

It was a success, a HUGE success. She drank all 6 ozs!!

I managed to snap this photo of the two of them and it totally makes me melt!

McFatty Monday (even though it is Thursday!)

I worked on Monday so I didn't have time to write up my McFatty Monday post (trying to fit 40 hours worth of work into 7 hours is near impossible).

I will confess that I didn't weigh myself last week and I didn't weigh myself this week. How terrible is that. I am trying to establish a plan for myself, that I will stick with, instead of jumping in feet first and winging it. My current plan is to use SparkPeople to monitor my food intake and increase my activity by doing a few days of the 30 Day Shred every week and running on other days. When I return to work I will be able to bring my stuff with me on run days and run downtown on my breaks. Everyone in our office is very active so I am sure I will be able to find someone to join me too!

So after an unsuccessful week all I can say is onwards and upwards.

Hope everyone had a better week than I did!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sippy Cups, a Review, and a Giveaway

I don't know about other mom's but sippy cups have been the bane of my existence, we have gone through so many over the last 2+ years since my son has been using them. My criteria for a good sippy cup were that they were BPA Free, leak proof, easy to clean, and not overly expensive because lets face it, these things can get lost pretty easily.

First Years Take & Toss
We started out the with simple Take & Toss by First Years, they were ok, there was a little bit of dribbling but nothing too significant. The issue was that if he was drinking orange juice they would plug up and he would get really frustrated and they were difficult to clean out.

Avent Magic Cups
Prior to the big BPA fiasco we were using Avent bottles, I liked that they could been changed into sippy cups later. We never got to use them as sippy cups because of BPA so we picked up the Magic Cups which were BPA Free. This cups leaked everywhere, they were such a pain. I had many cups of milk fill the bottom of my bag. They seemed to require a magic touch to get them to seal properly and I didn't always have the time to fiddle with them.

Nuby Ez Grip Soft Spout Cup
I love the Nuby Ez Grip Soft Spout Cup, it was super easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble, it was quite inexpensive and it rarely leaked. However, the spout is soft and my son, even now at the age of three, likes to chew on them so they didn't last long so I needed to replace the tops on them, but I was able to find replacement tops and the tought of replacing the entire thing so frequently bothered me.

Thermos Foogo
I liked that the Thermos Foogo cups were insulated and kept beverages, especially milk, cold for longer periods of time. The sippy cup promises a leak free seal but I found it near impossible to get it to close properly so it wouldn't leak (it would usually take two or three tries) not to mention how heavy it is. I later tried the staw bottle and I really loves this one, it keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours, it is still heavy but it is meant for a older child. It has quite a few different parts, but they were very easy to clean and put back together. The only issue was that my little chewer chewed off the top of the straw renduring the cup useless because again I couldn't find replacement parts. I still do recommend this cup to mom's but with the warning that they are on the expensive side (typically $17.99 CDN for one straw cup).

Nuby No Spill Cup
When making a list of things we needed for our second baby at our local Baby store I was offered a free baby pack and included in this pack was the Nuby No Spill Cup. It was orange which was J's favourite colour so I thought lets try this out. It solved all of my problems, the spout is hard so there is no chewing issues, there is a dual-flow valve so you can control the flow (fast or slow), it is by far the easiest to clean and it is BPA Free, oh and they cost about $3.00 CDN each!! SWEET! I have been so happy with these cups, I now have a collection and I recently purchased a smaller one to introduce A to the sippy.

I love the Nuby No Spill Cup so much that I would love to send one to one of my readers, just follow me on Google Friend Connect and leave me a comment that you did! Giveaway ends Friday, June 18th at 9:00 PM MST.

So there you have it, my take on a some of the sippy cups on the market right now. If you have any questions about the above sippy cups or want to me to test out another one, please let me know!

I purchased all of these cups with my own money and was not compensated in anyway for these reviews.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hot Daddy at Music Class

For the last couple of months I have been taking Abby to a music class on Thursdays while Josh in at preschool. This class is awesome and Abby loves it. We sing lots of and dance around like fools.

Anyways, its time for the good stuff. There is one Dad that comes with either one or both of his sons. He is PERFECT, like absolutely gorgeous and his son is adorable and always dressed in high end labels. The first day of class I said to my friend M after class "did you see the hot daddy?" She immediatly knew who I was talking about, despite the fact that there were a few Daddy's in the class.

I found great entertainment today, the last day of class, when a lot of the mommies were tripping over themselves trying to start a conversation and to talk to him in some kind of way. He over course was totally oblivious to the fact.

I do enjoy looking at a good looking man, but I LOVE coming home to my sexy husband at the end of the day (or him coming home to me). Nothing makes me happier than seeing him walk in the door after a long with the kids!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Band Wagons

I don't normally like to jump on blog bandwagons when it comes to posting certain things on certain days, but over at Heir to Blair, Blair has started (ok she didn't just start it, she has been doing it for quite a few months) doing McFatty Mondays. She has had incredible success with her weightloss program, so I want to join in on the weight loss fun. I am not ready to include my actual weight yet but for my first goal I would like to loose 10 lbs (you need to start small, right).

Here I am in all of my chubby glory (please feel free to point and laugh and my uber frumpy appearance today as well as the water spots on my shirt from just washing dishes).

Saturday, June 5, 2010

and, here is Master J!

This is my amazing little boy Josh, he is such an amazing person. He loves playing soccer in the yard with his Daddy but is terrified of bugs, like goes screaming like a girl in the other direction.

He makes us all smile and then drives us crazy many times in one day!

He moved from his Terrible Twos right into his Trying Threes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet My Little Miss A!

This is my beautiful baby girl, Abby. She was born in September 2009 and she was the perfect piece of our family puzzle.

She is a hilarious little baby and LOVES attention. She has just discovered how to make us laugh with a super cute fake laugh and when she does something she beams and applauds herself. She has developed her own crawling style which reminds of the way the girl slithers in the Exorcist.