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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hot Daddy at Music Class

For the last couple of months I have been taking Abby to a music class on Thursdays while Josh in at preschool. This class is awesome and Abby loves it. We sing lots of and dance around like fools.

Anyways, its time for the good stuff. There is one Dad that comes with either one or both of his sons. He is PERFECT, like absolutely gorgeous and his son is adorable and always dressed in high end labels. The first day of class I said to my friend M after class "did you see the hot daddy?" She immediatly knew who I was talking about, despite the fact that there were a few Daddy's in the class.

I found great entertainment today, the last day of class, when a lot of the mommies were tripping over themselves trying to start a conversation and to talk to him in some kind of way. He over course was totally oblivious to the fact.

I do enjoy looking at a good looking man, but I LOVE coming home to my sexy husband at the end of the day (or him coming home to me). Nothing makes me happier than seeing him walk in the door after a long with the kids!

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