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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diapers, Diapers Everywhere!

When J was born we made the decision to use disposable diapers. We liked the convenience of them but soon after Josh was born he developed a very persistent rash which we ended up having to treat multiple times with an antibiotic cream that the doctor prescribed.

I suggested to the husband that we switch the cloth diapers, he was and is so against it, remembering the "old" days of folding, pins and bulky covers. I tried to explain to him the many options that are now available, such as BumGenius 3.0, AppleCheeks, FuzziBunz, etc. and even recently showed him new designs like the gDiapers and the Flip, too which he still turned up his nose.

Now that J is potty trained we don't have the rash issue anymore, but now A is in diapers and, while not as bad, she still has a similar rash to what J had.

To add to the rash issue, every week when we throw away such a huge amount of diapers that I really worry about the environmental impact of them all.

Oh how I wish I could show him the difference between cloth and disposables, and I sure he would make the switch but he is so stubborn. Urgh.

No real point to this post other than to whine that I wish we were using cloth. :(


  1. just wanted to stop by and say hi from bloggy moms! :)


  2. Aww! I hope he turns around and understands. His children have gotten rashes from disposables... that would have been good enough for me.

    Did you try different brand disposables? :-o

    - Kerri